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Villa Gustui Maris, 08022 Calagonone (Sardegna)

Villa Gustui Maris, 08022 Calagonone

In perfect harmony with the nature. The breathtaking panorama and the architecture of the Villa Gustui MAris with its warm building materials of wood and stone make the hotel an ideal place of relaxation and wellness.

The equipped swimming pool of Villa Gustui Maris Hotel, suitable for adults as well as for children, is surrounded by a large and relaxing sun terrace with view over the gulf of Orosei and its well known beaches Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Sisine.

The Hotel Restaurant welcomes one in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, while enjoying the beatiful view over the Orosei gulf guests can taste classic Mediterranean dishes as well as traditional and characteristic dishes of the local cuisine.

Villa Gustui Maris
Via Marco Polo, 57
IT-08022 Calagonone (NU), Sardinien
Tel.: +39 (338) 7565755
Fax: +39 (784) 920268/93471